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Malmaison Botanical Interiors

Celebrated the opening of her flagship store in October 2003. Due to the expansion of Malmaison's online business, the Castlemaine store was closed at the end of the 2011 financial year, to focus on the ongoing growth of malmaison.com.au.

Owned and operated by Edwynna & Bradley Adams, Malmaison is the outcome of Edwynna's dream and vision of offering customers a shopping environment with a subtle blend of botanical beauty, seductively entwined with her love of French elegance, design and history ... and it wouldn't be complete without including the visual delight of beautiful roses

Owner and Founder Edwynna Adams

Edwynna, her husband and three children made a 'Tree Change' from inner-suburban Melbourne to the Central Goldfields Region for a 'quieter country lifestyle', and instead have found themselves busy in the hustle and bustle of life in colourful Castlemaine. Edwynna has travelled extensively around the world and holds a particular fondess for France, French culture, French living & style. which she brings to Malmaison. In addition to her considerable experience in styling for photographic shoots, homes and venues, Edwynna holds a Business Degree in Human Resource Management/.

Business Partner Bradley Adams

Brad has over 15 years experience in the furniture timber industry. His time includes the marketing and sales of many different types of timbers to major furniture manufactures throughout Australia. Brad has a complete understanding of the processes involved in manufacturing timber furniture from the raw material to the end product. This knowledge has ensured Malmaison stocks and sells furniture from quality manufacturers. Brad also has a wealth of knowledge in the shipping and handling of furniture, this ensures you have peace of mind and confidence your furniture will arrive the way it left the manufacturer.

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Having grown up in the beautiful Yarra Valley in Victoria, both Edwynna and Bradley know what it means to live in a rural area, thus, they are passionate about this website ... "to bring beautiful things to all our customers no matter where they reside is a priority for us".


Edwynna and Bradley's passion and enthusiasm for Malmaison was rewarded and celebrated by their Award Winning performances in the Powercor - Mt Alexander Business Awards being named winner in both the 2004

New Business of the Year and 2004 Business Award for Best Retail. In 2005, Edwynna was a finalist in the Mt

What's in a name? Malmaison

Many customers comment on the chosen name of our business ... Malmaison. Edwynna chose this name because of her love of the Souvenir de la Malmaison rose, her love for botanical illustrations and for the name of one her most admired French women in history's home - Malmaison. For those of you whom are interested, here is a little bit of history to help put the name Malmaison into some perspective.

"The French Empress Josephine Bonaparte bought a small country chateau for herself and her husband Napoleon Bonaparte, just a few miles outside Paris in April 1799, the chateau's name - Malmaison. Josephine was particularly fond of her rose garden, with the gardens at Malmaison being noted amongst the finest in Europe.

Josephine commissioned Pierre-Joseph Redoute to be her official artist, and it was at Malmaison that he produced his finest work cataloguing every known variety of rose that grew there (amounting to approximately 250 varieties). Redouté is probably the most accomplished and renowned flower painter of all time. The precision, lifelike quality and vibrant colours of these watercolours remain to this day the pinnacle of botanical drawing.

JOriginally known as 'Queen of Beauty and Fragrance' the rose Souvenir de la Malmaison received its present name when one of the Grand Dukes of Russia obtained a specimen from the gardens at Malmaison in 1843 for the Imperial Garden in St. Petersburg. The rose was named in honor of Empress Josephine's great rose gardens at Malmaison, the plant bears classically shaped old garden roses in a warm shade of pale pink."

Castlemaine :Famous Historic Gold Mining Town

Home to the original Malmaison Retail Store

Castlemaine is a name which is probably familiar to most Australians, even though relatively few may have visited the former goldmining settlement. The reason being that the town was the original home of Castlemaine XXXX. In fact, it is a town with an interesting history and a number of attractions, including some fine heritage buildings along its wide streets. Castlemaine boasts one of the Victorias oldest Botanic Gardens and numerous outstanding private gardens which are revealed biennially during the Festival of Gardens. It also has a surprisingly high profile for the arts, being home to a number of artists and boasting one of Victoria's best provincial art galleries.

Castlemaine is located approximately 90mins Nth of Melbourne via the Calder Highway and 39 km south of Bendigo. Once a goldmining settlement, it is now a substantial industrial centre in a fruit-growing and farming area. The present population is approximately 7,600.

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