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At Malmaison, we are fully committed to reducing our environmental impact. As such, we utilise a mixture of biodegradable and recyclable packaging products to deliver all of our orders.

All cardboard boxes used to deliver our orders are made from 100% recycled material and are fully recyclable.

The protective packaging used to ship our orders is predominantly Bio-Fill void fill which is a starch based void chip that is 100% bio-degradable.  It is produced primarily from corn and potato starch.  Bio-Fill void fill meets the 3R’s.  It is recyclable, reusable and reducible.

In the event that alternative packaging is required to further protect your order, we may use bubble wrap or air pillows that are fully recyclable.  The bubble wrap we use is perforated, thus enabling the sheets be divided easily into A3 size pieces which is preferred for recycling this product.  More information on recycling these products can be found at