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If you have ever visited Paris you would know that a stroll down Avenue Montaigne in the 8th Arrondissement past Maison Dior is essential, and if possible a visit past those dreamy doors is preferred, it is truly one of the most beautiful stores in the world.

On one of those occassions whilst staying in Paris, I took a stroll down this famous avenue and felt like I was watching a movie as I walked towards Dior.  I was stopped in my tracks as I observed an absolutely stunning women (probably in her 60’s), elegantly walk out of Dior with a lovely big smile, carrying her many parcels which her driver artfully acquired from her as he expertly opened the door and helped her into her awaiting car…Tres Chic!

Definitely one of the most beautiful streets in Paris, Avenue Montaigne was originally called Allée des Veuves or “widow’s alley” in the 18th century, because it was a gathering place for mourning widows. Today the present day name comes from Michel de Montaigne, a French Renaissance writer.

Dior – 8th Arr. 30 Avenue Montaigne, Paris, France

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