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Creating an elegant yet inviting table setting for your guests is an art form that requires attention to detail and a touch of creativity. By layering different elements, you can achieve a sophisticated look that will impress even the most discerning guests.

Planning an Autumn-inspired table with thoughtful curation captures the essence of the season, something we can all achieve!  This involves considering the type of event, (casual or formal), merged with creativity and practicality to infuse a warmth and casual elegance into the final table-scape.

Malmaison Autumn Table Setting  Malmaison Autumn Table Setting

Elements to Consider

  • Theme:  The theme or style of the gathering, number of guests, and the available space are essential factors to consider. 
  • Table linen:  Selecting the table linen (will you layer the table with various linens, or do you have a beautiful timber table you want to show off).
  • Colour Palette:  Consider if you would like to keep all neutral colours with your tableware with a pop of colour, or would you like to mix and match colours.
  • Centrepieces:  Will you use Autumn foliage or flowers, or use candles, jugs etc as your centrepiece.
  • Place Settings:  Consider the available space when deciding plate/bowl arrangements.

When planning your event, your choice of certain elements will give your table a unique looks that is yours.  This will achieve a visually appealing and cohesive arrangement that exudes an inviting, yet elegant and warm atmosphere.

Keep in mind, every element should flow seamlessly while ensuring ample space for each guest and convenient access to food and beverages, thereby creating a memorable and enchanting dining experience that harmonizes with the spirit of Autumn.

Malmaison's Autumn Table

For our layered Autumn table, we chose to mix and match our cutlery, glassware, serving-ware and dinnerware.  We felt the eclectic approach added a rustic French charm which was warm and inviting for our guests.

We chose to use a selection of the joyful La Rochere Bee Ceramic Dinnerware in the colour Ecru, clear Bee Bowls, and Amitié White Linen & Picnic Plates as side plates.  We also combined La Rochere Bee Ceramic & Glass Serving Bowls and Bee Condiment dishes with Laguiole Cutlery Sets and serving utensils in Noir (Black) to highlight the neutral colours and textures used on the table.  
Malmaison Autumn Tablescape

Textures & Linens

To add depth and visual interest to the table, different textures were incorporated. We chose a neutral tone Cotton/Linen Tablecloth, layered with the Heritage grain sack styled table runner.  We then played with various styles of napkins.  A Charcoal French Flax Linen Napkin in a neatly folded fashion under the dessert plate, as well as a knotted style and an asymmetrical twist, eventually deciding to include two styles to keep in with our mix and match eclectic look.  We found combining textures in this way created a warm and inviting look.

Malmaison Autumn Table Setting  Malmaison Autumn Table Setting  


The colour palette of this table setting is rustic and warm. The napkins are charcoal-colored linen, adding a sophisticated touch with extra depth. The glasses used are Provence Green, Olive Green and crystal clear, adding a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral table. Additionally, Bee Ceramic Dinnerware in Ecru is incorporated to add a whimsical element to the setting.

By carefully selecting each element and layering them thoughtfully, you can create a table setting that is both elegant and inviting. Your guests will be impressed by the attention to detail and the sophisticated look you have achieved.

Malmaison Autumn Tablesetting

La Rochere Bee Ceramic Dinnerplates & Dessert Plates (Ecru)
La Rochere Mini Bee Bowls
Amitié White Linen Plates
Amitié White Picnic 

La Rochere Bee Provence Green Wine Glasses
La Rochere Bee Wine Glasses
La Rochere Ouessant Olive Green Tumblers
La Rochere Versailles Carafe

Laguiole 24 Piece Cutlery Set (Black)
Laguiole Pate Knives (Black)

La Rochere Bee Bowls
La Rochere Bee Ceramic Serving Bowl (Ecru)
La Rochere Bee Condiment/Butter Dish
Laguiole Salad Servers - Noir (Black)

French Country Cotton Tablecloth (Ecru)
Heritage Table Runner
Empress French Flax Napkins (Charcoal)

Henriette Cushions (Noir)
Favorite Cushions (Noir)

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