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In France, Easter lunch is traditionally a big family gathering, often celebrated with a multi-course meal featuring a variety of dishes.

Le Menu

One of the most common dishes served for Easter lunch in France is roast lamb, which is often accompanied by potatoes, vegetables, and a sauce. Another popular dish is the "gigot d'agneau" or leg of lamb, which is often marinated in garlic and rosemary and slow-cooked to tender perfection.

Other traditional dishes that might be served include asparagus, artichokes, and a variety of salads. Desserts are also an important part of the meal, with many families serving a traditional Easter cake called "gâteau de Pâques," which is typically made with almonds, sugar, and eggs.

Nicole Passions Gastronomie Easter Cake

In some regions of France, such as Alsace and Lorraine, it is also common to serve a special Easter pie called "tourte pascale," which is filled with ham, eggs, and spinach.

Le Table

La Rochere Bee Coloured Wine Glasses

As much care is taken with the setting of the table as with planning of the menu.  Beautiful glassware, beautiful plates, cutlery and French linen are used as an important backdrop before the final touches are placed on the table.

The table is usually very lively, with pots of daisies and other spring flowers, green and yellow colors prevail. Many people use Easter eggs to also decorate the table.  

La Rochere Coloured Bee Glassware

Overall, Easter lunch in France is a time for family and friends to come together and enjoy a delicious and festive meal, often featuring traditional dishes that have been passed down through generations.


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