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The Fête de la Chandeleur is a French tradition that falls on February 2nd. It's a holiday that was originally a religious celebration, named after the candles that are traditionally blessed on this day.  

In fact, many people still come together and light candles on Candlemas to celebrate the beginning of spring.

In France, Fête de la Chandeleur is celebrated with crepes (chandelles), candles, and family.

Fête de la chandeleur

In some regions of France, there are parades held on Fête de la Chandeleur. These parades feature floats made by local schools, businesses, and churches. They usually depict something related to local culture or history.

Fête de la Chandeleur

The origins of this holiday date back over 1,000 years! In fact, it was originally celebrated as a pagan festival called Imbolc, which celebrated the return of sunlight after a long winter.

This tradition eventually morphed into what we now know as Candlemas: a time when Christians would pray for God's blessing upon their homes and farms through lighting candles in their windows or at church altars (though they weren't yet called "altars").

Nowadays there are lots of fun traditions associated with this day in France—one of them being eating crepes!
Fête de la chandeleur


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