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Empress Wick Trimmer - Rose Gold

To ensure a smooth and clean burn for your candles, use an Empress Wick Trimmer.  This essential candle care accessory is expertly designed to trim wicks and promote an even burn.

Product Details

  • Colour - Rose Gold
  • Stainless Steel
  • 18cm Length

Wick Trimming Tips

To properly trim the wick of your candle, begin by cutting it down to 8mm prior to lighting it. It's best to use a specialized wick trimmer to achieve a clean, straight edge.  

Make sure to remove any debris that may have fallen onto the surface of the candle.  While the candle is burning, it's normal for the wick to form a "mushroom" at its end. However, this must be trimmed before each use, and periodically during the burn if it becomes excessive, to ensure a clean burn and prevent fire hazards.

If you're using a laser lighter, be sure to unlock the safety switch, press the power button, and avoid touching the wax. After use, remember to turn the safety switch off.

Failing to trim the wick can lead to smoke emissions that could stain the surrounding area. Furthermore, wick mushrooming is a major contributor to wick debris falling into the wax pool, which can become a fire hazard as the candle burns down.