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Weave Linen Bedding Care Guide

The first point of call is always the care label located on all Weave products by either a hang-tag or label sewn into the seam of the product. Always refer to your care label before attempting any cleaning! Our advice is given in good faith and should not be considered a guarantee. If in any doubt, you should always consult a professional cleaning company.

Malmaison Weave French Linen Bedding Care Guide

Cleaning Weave Home Linen

Our Ravello bed linen range carries a HM care label. Care labels can be tricky to navigate so here is a simple rundown of what to do and not to do with our bedding care label. Always treat spills and stains as soon as possible to make stain removal easier and minimise the risk of permanent damage.


All products from our luxurious linen Ravello range can be machine washed. We recommend a cold, gentle setting to ensure your linen is handled carefully. Be sure to wash with like colours and remove as soon as the wash cycle is complete.


Once your linen products are washed, it’s important to give them a good shake to soften and release any creases. We recommend lying them flat or hanging them in the shade to air dry — please do not tumble dry as this can cause the linen to shrink. Wait until they are completely dry before storing. Ravello is also dry-cleanable.


For clean, crisp, and crease-free linen, we recommend ironing your Ravello products using a cool iron on reverse.