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Limoges - Legle Stripe Side Plate

Timeless sophistication and elegance is what Legle de Limoge is famous for.  For over 100 years, a small French family in the township of Limoge have used their knowledge to refine and modernise a range of exquisite Limoge Porcelain pieces.  This stunning Limoges striped Tea Plate coordinates beautifully with a Limoge Tea Cup.  Whether you mix and match stripes and colours, or keep simple, this is an exquisite piece to be cherished for generations.

Each piece is meticulously hand-crafted by experienced artisans using a porcelain paste exclusive to the Limoge region, a selection of beautiful coloured glazes and delicately hand painted with gold or platinum on rims and handles.  Each piece is hand polished to achieve the lustre and shine for which they are admired, resulting in a unique range of porcelain famous for its translucent appearance.

From Rose Petal to Provencal Blue, the colours play with the light and enable you to set a beautiful table, refined and always elegant.

The ‘Limoges’ stamp on the bottom of each piece certifies the country of origin and guarantees superior quality.

Limoges porcelain is created exclusively in Limoges.

Product Features:

  • 19cm
  • Unique stripe pattern
  • Made in France from Limoges porcelain
  • Hand decorated with true gold trim
  • Limoge stamp certification – Legle de Limoge