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A Redouté Rose greeting card from Malmaison is a truly special way to show your appreciation and celebrate Mum on Mother's Day.  

Add a little extra touch of elegance and sophistication to your gift to mum his year with a beautifully illustrated card, left blank inside ready for your own special message.

This particular 'Provence Rose' illustration was painted by Joseph Redouté at Malmaison in the 1800s.

Product Features

  • Size:  14cm x 11cm
  • Single Folded Card
  • Classic White Envelope
  • Blank Inside
  • Designed and printed in Australia by Malmaison

About the Artist, Josephine & Malmaison

Joseph Redouté (1759-1840) was a Belgian painter and botanist known for his exquisite watercolor paintings of flowers. He was commissioned by wealthy patrons and European royalty to create detailed illustrations of plants, which were later reproduced in botanical publications. 

Josephine Bonaparte was passionate about flowers and gardening. She was especially fond of roses, which she cultivated in the gardens of her beloved residence, Château de Malmaison. Josephine commissioned several artists, including Joseph Redouté, to create paintings of the roses grown at Malmaison.

Redouté's paintings of roses at Malmaison are renowned for their beauty and delicate rendering of the flowers. They capture the unique character and charm of each rose, from its shape, color, and texture to its thorns and leaves. Redouté's paintings were not only beautiful but also scientifically accurate, and were used as references by botanists and horticulturists.

The series "Les Roses" was a significant achievement for Redouté and remains one of the most important works on roses in botanical art. His paintings of roses at Malmaison are still celebrated today and continue to inspire artists and gardeners alike. They offer a glimpse into the passion of Empress Josephine and her love of roses, as well as Redouté's extraordinary talent as a botanical artist.